Liverpool City Council Monitoring Data

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Use the map above to explore the monitoring sites in for this local authority and the surrounding area. The table below shows a summary of sites within this local authority - you can click on the site names to get more detailed information.

Active local authority funded monitoring sites

Monitoring Site Ozone
Nitrogen Dioxide
Sulphur Dioxide
Particulate Matter
Particulate Matter
Highest Pollution Band Last Updated
Liverpool Speke 43 (2 Low)10 (1 Low)1 (1 Low)3 (1 Low)6 (1 Low) Low
(Index 2)

» Visit the Defra UK-AIR website for details of Defra funded AURN monitoring sites

Closed local authority funded monitoring sites

The following monitoring sites are no longer active in this local authority, but you can still access information about them by clicking on their names below.

Monitoring Site Date Ended
Liverpool Islington [Closed] (LIV2) 31/08/2013
Liverpool Old Haymarket Roadside [Closed] (LV8) 10/07/2012
Liverpool Queens Drive [Closed] (LV5) 14/05/2013
Liverpool Centre [Closed] (LIVR) 23/09/2002
Liverpool Queen's Drive Roadside [Closed] (LV6) 07/11/2016
Overall Pollution Summary:
LOW ( Index 2)
Very High 10
High 9
Moderate 6
Low 3

Guide to map markers: Markers legend: square markers show LA sites, round markers show AURN

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