Ways we can help

Ricardo Energy & Environment can help with all your air quality monitoring requirements

David Madle

Contact David Madle to discuss
all air quality monitoring and data management requirements

  • Air quality data management: To AURN or LAQM standards to include data collection, checking, scaling, ratification, QA/QC and data dissemination via a bespoke site or Air Quality England, provided free to data customers.
  • Independent UKAS accredited quality control audits: Audits provide essential input to the data management process and help ensure measurements are representative of ambient concentrations.
  • Local site operations: Ricardo Energy & Environment has AURN trained LSO's located across the UK, our LSO services may be useful to free up your time!
  • Ad-hoc monitoring: Ricardo Energy & Environment can provide, install and run air quality monitoring stations to meet short, medium or long term measurement needs. We will include everything from advice on the installation location to provision of ratified data sets in a format easily integrated into LAQM reporting, planning applications or Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Cost-effective mobile monitoring: Our mobile monitoring service is a cost effective method of characterising the spatial distribution of a wide range of pollutants. Our Mobile Monitoring is undertaken via a mobile unit or back pack and is suitable for a wide range of applications and investigations including quarries, industry, schools and roadside and urban areas. The units can record pre and post development changes including GPS location and video measurements for mapping concentrations. This approach supports the development of mitigation and action plans.

Ricardo Energy & Environment can help with your LAQM reports, action planning and low emission strategies

Guy Hitchcock

Contact Guy Hitchcock to discuss your LAQM reporting, action planning & low emission strategies requirements:

  • Providing Local Air Quality Management reports, Annual Status Reports, assessments and analysis. Ricardo Energy & Environment have a long history of producing LAQM assessments and reports for local authorities and many have been highlighted as examples of good practice by DEFRA and the Devolved Administrations. Includes:
    • Dispersion modelling assessments, emission inventories and source apportionment analysis.
  • Supporting and delivering Action Planning. Ricardo Energy & Environment can assist authorities with the development and implementation of air quality action plans. Assisting with the assessment, design, engagement, implementation and performance measurement of plans. Includes:
    • Undertake feasibility studies of options such as Low Emission Zones / Clean Air Zones and/or health impact assessments.
  • Developing Low Emission Strategies with authorities to help deliver a variety of measures to improve air quality and deliver carbon reduction measures across a wider range of fields which enhance and support action plan measures.
  • Undertaking Training and professional development courses. Ricardo Energy & Environment has the expertise and provides training for a number of authorities and agencies on LAQM, improving air quality and emissions related fields.