AURN Monitoring Site Monitoring Data

Doncaster A630 Cleveland Street (DCST, an AURN site)

Latitude: 53.518383
Longitude: -1.138060
Date Started: 07/05/2015
Altitude: 15 metres
Inlet Height: 1.5 metres
Environment: Rural

Latest Data

This monitoring site data was last updated: 09/12/2023 12:00

Parameter Pollution Band Concentration Period
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Low (Index 1) 35 µg/m3 hourly mean
Nitric oxide (NO) not applicable 29 µg/m3 hourly mean
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide (NOx as NO2) not applicable 80 µg/m3 hourly mean

Note: Values are based on provisional data. Data are GMT hour ending.
PM10 is measured as a running 24 hour mean, up to the current hour, and the band/index is calculated accordingly.

Map showing the location of the Doncaster A630 Cleveland Street monitoring site