South Cambridgeshire District Council Monitoring Data

Use the tabs below to explore information about the current and historic air pollution levels in this local authority. You can select another local authority using the dropdown menu. 

Report for South Cambridgeshire District Council

This section provides links to the Council's air quality monitoring weekly or monthly reports, on a year to date basis. The reports provide dynamic summary data produced in Rmarkdown for a more engaging user experience. These are hosted on the website but can be saved down locally and shared among others (via email etc.) for ease of use. The data for each report is self-contained. Note, the reports, whether produced weekly, monthly or quarterly will contain provisional data within. The status of the data is declared within the text of the report. Because the reports are not live linked to a database, the data contained within each report is the most up to date at the time of compilation, but will not update thereafter.