Climate Emergencies Webinar


Hundreds of local authorities have declared a climate emergency and ambitious climate action is now genuinely being driven from the local level. For many authorities there remains a significant challenge in how they will realise their climate change ambitions and where best to start. Ricardo has been helping a range of different local authorities – city authorities, rural authorities, combined authorities – to develop climate emergency targets and plans.

In this free webinar, we will be sharing some of the observations and lessons we’ve gained and our experts will cover useful information such as:

  • Why the emissions pathway to net zero (particularly over the next few years) is so important
  • The impact effective implementation sequencing can have on realising your plan
  • How you can give yourself more time in the next few years, to prepare for greater emissions cuts in later years
  • The role that your authority can play in leading the drive to net zero

There will be the opportunity throughout the webinar to ask questions and we welcome questions submitted ahead of time to help us tailor content to your needs.

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