Ricardo's Air Quality Monitoring Services


Ricardo offers a range of air quality monitoring services including:

  • Data management: To AURN or LAQM standards to include data collection, checking, scaling, ratification, QA/QC and data dissemination via Air Quality England or bespoke website.
  • ISO 17025 UKAS Accredited Quality Control Audits: Providing essential input to the data management process, the tests check that data are representative of ambient concentrations.
  • Local Site Operations: We have fully trained LSO's providing services across the UK.
  • Monitoring Stations Hire: We provide, install and run air quality monitoring stations to meet short, medium or long term measurement needs. From advice on the installation to provision of ratified datasets and reporting for LAQM, planning applications or Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Cost-effective Mobile Monitoring: Our mobile monitoring service is a cost effective method of characterising the spatial distribution of a wide range of pollutants. Mobile Monitoring is via a mobile unit or backpack suitable for investigations in most terrain, from urban to roadside, schools, hospitals, quarries etc. Current uses include pre and post infrastructure changes, development of mitigation and action plans. GPS and video measurements for mapping concentrations are provided.
  • Real World Emission Monitoring: Providing a database of real world vehicle emissions measurements, data and analysis (make, model, engine size, fuel type, emissions) to inform modelling, LAQM/AQMA, action planning, policy and to guide behavioural change campaigns.