Defra Air Quality Grant Scheme 2019/20 ITA_6352


Local authorities in England have until 12:00 on 07 November to apply for a share of Defra’s 2019/20. Defra is providing grants totalling £2 million to incentivise LAs to improve air quality. Particular consideration will be given to:

  • Benefits to local areas with pollutant exceedances
  • Compliance with Local Air Quality Monitoring (LAQM) reporting requirements for Smoke Control Areas
  • Delivering benefits in the near future (one to two years)
  • Developing solutions over longer term by increasing awareness to encourage behavioural change
  • Projects that aim to reduce emissions from domestic wood and coal burning appliances
  • Reducing NO2 emissions
  • Innovative projects that can improve local air quality backed by robust evidence and designed to share best practice

Ricardo can help you to design innovative projects that successfully meet the criteria for grant funding. For further information please contact David Madle at or on 07968 707279.