About Air Quality England

Welcome to Air Quality England, a resource for local air quality information and air quality data provision funded and hosted by Ricardo-AEA. This website has been designed to provide all of Ricardo-AEA's customers across England a portal for the dissemination of their air quality data as well as an information resource for members of the public. This site complements resources available to local authorities of the Devolved Administrations.

The Air Monitoring Calibration Club was designed by Ricardo-AEA to help local authorities fulfil their duties within the Local Air Quality Management framework. The service promotes and supports best practice in the application of quality control to automatic, air-monitoring data in line with the Government's technical guidance (LAQM.TG(09)). As part of their obligation local authorities are required to disseminate information on local air quality to members of the public. Air Quality England provides the mechanism for fulfilling this obligation.

Air Quality England provides access to the latest air pollutant concentrations from each monitoring site and the current level of pollution as defined by the Defra Air Pollution Health Bandings. It also enables the user access to historic datasets, statistics and graphing tools.